you are my fire, the one desire

" i know you've been waiting for me "

Chief Staff // Revolutionary Army

This blog is dedicated to the sexiest noble named Sabo.

I am Sabo, a great senpai, Call me 'Dragon Fire Noble', I'm a Perm Ikemen who appeared after a long journey, I love my Brothers, I worked for the Revolutionary Army, Koala is my tea <3, I used to say that i'm ashamed to be born as a Noble but being a noble is the only thing that i cannot run away with. I am here to make your heart go out of your chest, I work as a part time in a Hostclub and i had all the girls going crazy about me yeah, I'm clumsy at times, I'm a straightforward person, i managed to break the 4th wall of fangirls/fanboys heart. Ok let's take this seriously, I missed Ace, and most especially i am here to protect and support my brother 'Luffy'.

"Know this. If I am ever asked for help by Luffy no matter where in the world I may be, I will do everything in my power to come to his aid."

Exclusive posts only about him for 10 years later. You can see a lot of great fanarts from awesome artist, i do not own anything unless stated.

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Let's get it on!

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"It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?


It was important to think of how to portray the warm feelings (Sabo has) towards Luffy and Ace”
- Toru Furuya ( Sabo of One Piece ) ❞


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